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Discover Arabesque Jackpot
Loot Game Arabesque Jackpot
One 3 Speed Vinyl Turntable up for grabs !
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Discover Mission Casino Royal
Mission Casino Royal
Our 7 Wonderz offer you a booster game! Come and have fun and earn tons of points!
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Discover Wonderz Smash
Wonderz Smash
The Wonderz hit hard in this game where your senses of observation and reflex are put to the test!
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Discover Virus Killer
Virus Killer
Nelly has to deal with particularly intrusive viruses! Connect the elements together for this exciting puzzle game!
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Discover Safe Box Impact
Safe Box Impact
Zoe and Wynter avoid the traps of a Shadowz safe in this puzzle game where you have to Play with gravity to succeed!
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Latest Winners
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 19/08/2019 21:37:50
A Blender Twister Fusion
Avatar of : luckylutu
luckylutu - 12/08/2019 06:18:57
A Pop Cake Mould
Avatar of : erika22
erika22 - 11/08/2019 20:05:27
A Pop Cake Mould
Avatar of : craptor10
craptor10 - 10/08/2019 09:11:55
A BluRay Creed II
Avatar of : papyserge1
papyserge1 - 09/08/2019 21:36:48
OnePlus 6
Avatar of : moocky
moocky - 05/08/2019 21:37:26
A Koala Baby Comic Book - In Kindergarten
Avatar of : lolomarc
lolomarc - 05/08/2019 17:16:52
Cake Factory
Avatar of : lolomarc
lolomarc - 04/08/2019 21:39:00
A juice extractor
Avatar of : sorbet
sorbet - 04/08/2019 21:39:00
One 7-inch Touch Screen Tablet with Keyboard
Avatar of : itouvie
itouvie - 04/08/2019 21:39:00
A Portable Foldable Stabilizer
Avatar of : titeuf1996
titeuf1996 - 04/08/2019 00:41:51
A Playstand Zelda Holder for Nintendo Switch
Avatar of : titeuf1996
titeuf1996 - 04/08/2019 00:38:55
A Hostile DVD
Avatar of : papyserge1
papyserge1 - 03/08/2019 21:39:07
A Book Mrs. Hug
Avatar of : efgj
efgj - 02/08/2019 13:07:05
A Mathieu Madenian DVD - In a state of emergency
Avatar of : rickili
rickili - 30/07/2019 21:39:36
A CD I'm coming back to you
Avatar of : daqwzsxed
daqwzsxed - 28/07/2019 13:55:14
A Playstand Zelda Holder for Nintendo Switch
Avatar of : moocky
moocky - 26/07/2019 23:36:37
A Book The deceitfulness of Scapin
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 26/07/2019 23:36:37
A Ceramic Tea Kettle
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 24/07/2019 21:36:47
A HUAWEI MateBook D laptop PC
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 24/07/2019 21:36:47
A High Density Wi-Fi Access Point
Avatar of : micomico
micomico - 24/07/2019 21:36:47
A Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Krups Nescafe Coffee Machine

Challenge the members to the Wonderz tournaments!
Choose a tournament your choice and challenge Wonderz members to win Prizes andSilver!

Each tournament offers a Prize list up to AUD 775. Win DVDs, household appliances or high-tech products. The highest ranked player wins the main reward and the next players win the other prizes.

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